Self-Care & Loss

There is a lot of material for this week’s lessons, so we’ve got one super short game and a preview of a very special game.

It’s a Beautiful Day

This game won’t let your students leave the house until they’ve done a certain amount of Self-Care. The door simply will not appear! But…I wouldn’t tell them why. You can tell them there is an ending, but they can work it out. The music is sometimes quite loud on this game, so you might want to turn your volume down first.

Just click on the link and click “start”.

That Dragon, Cancer*

This was the SXSW 2016 Game of the year. Yes, an autobiographical game about a child dying from cancer. There are a lot of games that deal with grief in a dark or frightening way. Not this one. We can’t distribute it, unfortunately. However, this trailer will give students a glimpse of what it is like and the incredible creativity of the people that made it.

Use this video to start a conversation about creativity and loss. Many people find help for their grief through creative endeavors: art, music, writing, design, and even by making a game.

Possible Discussion Questions for Circle time:

  • Do you think a lot of people played this game? (They did. It was a best seller)
  • Would you play a game like this? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think creativity can help us when we are sad?

*We have this game available on our PlayStation for any teacher that would like to demo/play it with students. Playtime for a single level demo is less than 10 minutes. The full game is about 90 minutes and could easily be broken up over multiple weeks.