Social & Emotional Learning


There are many standard definitions for SEL that are very thorough, but for those outside of education, you can reduce the core competencies you see in this wheel to three primary topics: 1) knowledge of the self (Self Management and Self Awareness), 2) knowledge of others (Social Awareness and Relationship Skills), and 3) how those things effect the way you live your life (Responsible Decision-Making).

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been incorporated into all core academic subjects in the Austin Independent School District for all grade levels, and are in the process of being adopted by other districts in surrounding areas. That’s because the research on the correlation between strong social and emotional skills and academic success is compelling. These skills are critical to any team work in any industry. Even within the gaming industry itself, these skills are highly prized.

At-risk students experience deficits in these skills that correlate to their academic deficits, and both are predictors of future success or failure.

SEL objectives are a natural fit to our program’s content and format – playing more artistic and unique games as a group – and they will frame every gaming event, elevating the program from a more typical club, to a challenging and formative experience for students.

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“Play is possible when freedom is limited rather than expanded. It is not the opposite of work, nor the opposite of depression. Play is deliberately working with the materials we encounter.” – Ian Bogost, Play Anything