Executive Director


Jamieson Taylor

Jamie is a Music Educator and performer, teaching voice and piano at Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy and the Northwest School of Music, as well as a choir director at All Saints Presbyterian Church. She also performs regularly with the Austin Opera Chorus. She rediscovered games after 20 years away, and was completely stunned at their artistry. She founded the Let’s Play Program in 2016, after a really good podcast about a game gave her the idea. She has a love for all sorts of collaborative art forms, be it Opera, Film (particularly animation), television and now Video Games. Jamie has a Bachelor of Music in Education from U.T. Austin. Favorite Games: Night In The Woods, Journey, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, and Mickey’s Castle of Illusions, which was the only game she beat as a kid on her brother’s Sega.

The Board of Directors


Katie Cline, PMP, President of the Board

Katie started her career as an intern for a nonprofit, and has had a strong interest in philanthropy ever since. She brings to the board more than 8 years of experience working with smaller companies on marketing and project management. As an experienced manager and team leader, she is skilled in providing the clarity, organization, and leadership necessary for successful projects. Katie has a BBA in Marketing from the McCombs School of Business.

Favorite Video Games: Oregon Trail II, Age of Empires I and II, The Sims, 80 Days, and Stardew Valley


Melissa Kummerer, Secretary

Melissa is a Project Manager for an Austin K-12 private school. She spent 10 years in the developing tech industry before her girls were born, then 9 years on staff at a church, overseeing ministry to women and children. Melissa loves structure, organizing, and making things work.  As a child, she always wanted to visit assembly lines in factories, to see how companies made tens of thousands of their various widgets.  She has a BA from her beloved Duke University and an MA from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She and her husband are table top fans, and really love Code Names.


Daryl Taylor, Treasurer and Education Adviser

Daryl has been in education for 43 years, with 38 years in the classroom teaching high school math. She believes that technology is a gift, and educators ought to use it well. She works to improve high school math classrooms with rich curriculum, which includes technology and problem based learning. Bringing these innovative ideas into the classroom excites her as an educator, and has since she monitored one of the first computer labs in Austin schools in the 1980’s. Teachers and students are her ultimate motivation and she knows first hand the challenges that they face. They need ideas that focus on ways facilitate student understanding. They need diverse lessons, like this program will offer, that address the whole child. She’s never played many games herself, but she enjoys coming to the program’s game nights very much. Her Story was her favorite game so far. She loves a good mystery!


Troy Grooms, Board Member and Technical Adviser

Troy is a freelance sound designer for games and part of the indie development team, Two Glass Hams. He’s been playing video games since he was a young child and his first game console was a Phillips CD-i player (who seriously had a CD-i? Games could only get better from there). Often he can be found at gaming meetups around Austin, like Juegos Rancheros, or participating in games jams, like the Global Game Jam. Otherwise, he’s probably on Twitter. Troy believes that video games are art and has experienced the valuable introspection of playing a great game alone as well as seen friendships grow from playing video games together. Favorite games: Undertale, Mario Kart 64, Knights of the Old Republic, F-Zero GX, Harvest Moon 64, Sim City 3000, Life Is Strange, Earthbound, Journey

Derek Rogers, Board Member 

Special Advisers


Gene Kummerer

Gene is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has over 25 years of counseling experience. He holds masters degrees from Texas A&M University (MS counseling) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (MDiv). Gene’s counseling experience includes marriages in conflict, anxiety, depression, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse and sexual addiction.

imageCurby Colvin

Curby is an Accountant and the owner of Outcome Finance, which he founded as he completed service in the military. At a time when entrepreneurship is booming, Outcome Finance has a mission to make small businesses more effective. He provides bookkeeping, tax preparation, project management, and business analysis services through cloud accounting technology. Favorite game: Halo.

FullSizeRender (3)Joe Taylor

Joe is the founder of Number 9 Productions and a professional Radio and Television broadcaster. He specializes in online media content as well as producing live sports broadcasts and traffic reports on Austin Radio networks. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialty in Media Production from St. Edward’s University. He is the voice of the Westlake Chaparrals and has independently produced their football broadcasts for over 10 years. Favorite game: Arkham City.