Long-term Goals

Our short term goal is to develop the Let’s Play Program for at-risk secondary students in the public schools in Austin. However, the program may have applications beyond that initial vision. Here are some of our long-term goals:

  • Add campuses and other facilities that work with at-risk students, like Phoenix House and  juvenile detention centers in both Williamson and Travis County
  • Create a mentoring program with local tech company volunteers
  • Establish an all female version of the program
  • Partner with a video game researcher to collect data on the program’s impact, and help  discern ways to improve it over time.
  • Partner with other Tech based non profits to administer the program for their organizations.
  • Expand the mission of the program to include other demographics or applications.

Make A Game

The program will give us a lot of insight in to games and group dynamics. We will also form relationships with people in the gaming industry itself. It’s possible that our gaming events could spark inspiration. We could develop our own game. Austin has a wealth of independent game developers and freelancers who have a passion for the type of games we are already using in the program. That’s how we found all of these games.* It is feasible to consider making a game (or several) in the future, informed by both SEL objectives and our own experience in the schools.

*Special Thanks to Troy Grooms for introducing us to all of the games you see in the program so far.