Mindfulness Mondays & Brain Breaks

Tru Luv Media, makers of #Selfcare Companion App

Looking for something different for Mindfulness? Or something to use with a student who needs a Brain Break or a reward? Maybe one of your students needs just a little extra encouragement to engage in mindfulness or has a hard time staying focused alongside their classmates.


The games we link under this page can be used as companions for mindfulness practice. We will add something new each week, so check back when you have a moment. Formats vary, but most will be available to play in a browser or free to download to a smartphone or tablet.

These are not always guided activities like the ones you find in apps like Calm or Headspace. They are little games, made mostly by developers working on new ideas or practicing their craft. Because of that, they need to be adapted and framed just a little, to make them intentionally mindful.

On each game page, we’ve provided some suggestions for how to use them in a mindful framework, but there are a lot of ways you can use these in your classroom.

We’ll keep adding to the list.


Want More Information On Games and Mindfulness?

downloadCheckpoint.org.au is an organization created and run by mental health experts and gamers in Australia. They provide comprehensive information on using games for a variety health and wellness practices, including grounding, and other stress or anxiety management tools. They have paid content and resources on the site, but much of their content is free, including much of their research.