Relax Frog

3-5 Minute Mindfulness game



In the present moment:

Paying attention on purpose – Responding – Being Kind

Relax Frog

Guided meditations are already a part of school routines, and there are many wonderful apps you probably already know and use, like Calm and Headspace. What we have for you is not exactly the same. To use a phrase from one of our gaming philosophers, it’s more like mindful play.

For a funny and off-beat take on mindfulness, try this 5-minute mini-game Relax Frog.

  • Click on Link
  • Click on “Run Game”
  • Be patient! Unity WebGL allows browser games to run very well on any computer, but it can take a minute to load the game.
  • The Controls are explained in the upper left corner of the game – arrows for directions, and space to jump.
  • Mindful Breathing Between Jumps: the lily pads turn slowly on purpose, so let’s take advantage of it. Have students practice slow, deep breathing while they wait to jump to the next pad. There’s a rhythm they can pick up, with practice: jump, breathe, breathe, breathe, jump, breathe breathe breathe… If they go too fast, the game will remind them to relax, frog
  • THE TURTLE OF INTENTION – there’s a short ride on a turtle pal at the end of the game. It’s a good moment to have students set a small, positive intention for the day.

Yes, this game is meant to be funny, but it is not mocking Mindfulness in any way. It’s truly intended to help you take a moment to relax.

How To Use It

  • Individual Play – this game is playable from most browsers, including on student Chromebooks. Have students go to our Student Page (link in blend, if you want!) and it will take them through it.
  • Group Play – You can play this as a class, watching one screen, with one student “driving” (running the controls). You can guide the slow breathing and verbally remind students to set an intention for the day.
  • Brain Break –  Use as you would any other brain breaks, when and where you see fit.

Do you have students who struggle to buy into mindfulness, or maybe find it uncomfortable, even disrupting others? Relax, Frog might engage them. We certainly hope so!