Terrariums (Tiny Worlds in Flasks)

I’ve more often heard them called terrariums, but Portuguese game developer, Fi Silva, calls this type of activity building Tiny Worlds in Flasks, or glass bottles.

This game is a short, low key brain break, particularly nice for students after a really stressful or high energy activity. Make a sweet little garden by a pond, a cozy camp fire in the woods, or a nice water scene. Students can customize, screenshot, and share with friends. 🙂

How To Play

  • Click on the link.
  • Wait for the page to load (it takes about 30 seconds)
  • Click anywhere inside the box to start. Your mouse/touchpad controls everything.



  • Choose your background color
  • Choose your bottle
  •  Choose your Terrain
  • Choose your items.
  • NOTE: the camera button only works if you download the game, but you can take a screenshot of your tiny world.