The Evolution of Trust: Relationship Skills

“Why, even in peacetime, do friends become enemies?
And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?” – Nicky Case


Today in class we blazed through Nicky Case’s amazing “explorable explanable”, The Evolution of Trust. 

We encourage you to return to it after class. It’s playable in your browser and freeeee! There are many “sandboxes” and alternative choices you can try, and loads of interesting resources to explore at the end of the game.4rjVOzmn


Here’s a pic of our short Loopy, summarizing the positive and negative factors that influence trust in our relationships. You can play with the interactive version here.


Remember: this is a simplification. More than just these factors play a part in our relationships and feelings about one another. But it’s good to know what the big picture looks like, as we work to fill in the details. Also, remember that the game points out it’s okay to make mistakes. You can regain trust. In fact, as Copy Kitten demonstrates, that room for failure and grace usually means there will be more trust built over time, not less. 🙂

Want more Nicky Case? Try this fascinating blog post he wrote about social change. You can see some of his inspiration for making The Evolution of Trust, Loopy, and more. It also covers topics that we addressed in our conversations about Syria and the Arab Spring, when we played Bury Me, My Love.